Below are the vitamins, minerals and other food supplements I take, and briefly why.  I've tried to list them more-or-less in order of importance.  Most of the product links go to the manufacturer's description, which is very informative, though some go to articles about why you would want to take the product.

Yes, I realize that half of what I take is probably unnecessary.  But which half?

Multivitamin - Life Extension Two Per Day.

N-Acetyl Cysteine and BHT.  These are very inexpensive, very powerful antioxidants for our anti-aging program.

CoQ10 - Life Extension Super BioActive CoQ10 Ubiquinol, 50mg.  This is a general anti-aging nutrient.  As we get older, we can't make enough CoQ10 from our diet.  Heart patients generally are very deficient.  CoQ10 drastically reduces the inflammation which causes aches and pains, and well as bleeding gums - really helps your mouth health.  Lots of other anti-inflammation effects, benefitting the whole body.

SODzyme - Life Extension - an extremely potent inflammation fighter.  If you have an old injury which bothers you, this is what to take to make it quit bothering you.  My  90 year old mother-in-law was more than bothered - say, debilitated, by a broken ankle six winters ago.  It kept plaguing her for a couple of years, and stopped when she started taking SODzyme regularly, along with CoQ10.

Melatonin - Life Extension 3mg time-release.  I've had trouble falling asleep for decades (exacerbated, no doubt, by my science fiction addition).  I now take five 3mg time-release melatonin capsules along with 200mg of 5HTP, and I fall asleep around 30 minutes after going to bed, staying asleep most nights.  I wake up refreshed.

Vitamin D - I don't actually take Vitamin D, but if I didn't have a home tanning booth, I would.  We do the tanning because it does three things instead of one.  (1) it lets us make Vitamin D to keep us healthy through the winter.  (2) A tan looks good,  and (3) a tan will protect us from sunburn in the spring and summer - we like playing and working outdoors.

 Super Booster Softgels - Life Extension - Vitamin E, Lutein, Lycopene and other fat-soluble nutrients.  General health, eye health, antioxidants.

DHEA - Puritan's Pride - 25mg.  This is a general anti-aging hormone.  Old, sick people tend to have too little, and old, healthy people tend to have more.  Young adults have even more.

Fish Oil - Life Extension Super Omega 3, three per day

Magnesium Citrate - NOW foods, about 1/2 level teaspoon per day, divided between my morning and evening protein shakes.

Whey protein - I use Cytosport Complete Protein, but there are lots of good ones.  To 2 scoops of powder, I add two drops of Iosol, 1/4 teaspoon of magnesium citrate, a teaspoon of lecithin and about 3 oz. of fresh homemade yogurt for flavor and immune support.

Soluble Iodine - Iosol, one to two drops per day.  Without sufficient iodine, hypothyroidism always (yes, always) results.  Extreme hypothyroidism leads to goiter, but marginal hypothyroidism simply leads to a lower body temperature and sluggish metabolism.  When I'm counting calories, my body figures it doesn't have extra calories to burn, and my metabolism slows.  To combat this, I exercise and try to keep my thyroid functioning properly. (update, 2011 - I finally broke down and had my thyroid function tested, and I'm now on Armour Thyroid.)

Vitamin C - Puritan's Pride C-1000, one in the morning, one in the evening.  Vitamin C leaves the body quickly, so divided doses are important.  Vitamins C and E work together and should always be taken together.  Use a complete natural Vitamin E complex with your Vitamin C.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM - Four per day.  Supplements to fight joint pain.  Although I'm still knock-kneed, my knees seldom hurt any more.  Five years ago my knees were so bad that I hated to climb the stairs to my bedroom at night.

Carnosine - Life Extension Super Carnosine, two morning, two evening.  Fights the glycosylation caused by high blood sugar.  (glycosylation results in AGEs - Advanced Glycosylation End-products - clumps of inactive protein/sugar molecules which are implicated in the fundamentals of aging.  They cause cataracts, skin wrinkling - lots of age-related destruction.)  I don't have high blood sugar, but glycosylation happens slowly even at normal levels, so I take my carnosine.

Carnitine - Life Extension Optimized Carnitine.  I do eat meat, so I don't know if this is necessary for me.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Life Extension Super Alpha Lipoic Acid, two per day.  A fat-soluble antioxidant.

Calcium, Life Extension Calcium Citrate with vitamin D, three per day.

Chromium - Puritan's Pride Ultra Chromium Picolinate, 500mcg.  Chromium deficiency mimics adult-onset diabetes.

Pregnenolone - Life Extension 100mg.  A feel-good hormone, which is converted by the body into hundreds of others, as needed.

Psyllium powder - two heaping teaspoons a day, mixed into my protein shakes.  For bowel regularity.  This powder dissolves poorly, so I sift it together with the other dry ingredients before mixing it in.

Lecithin - Now Foods.  A half teaspoonful in kool-aid to help the astragalus powder dissolve.

Astragalus.  I cycle three weeks on, one week off every month.  One slightly rounded teaspoon twice a day for telomere health (see anti-aging).

New for 2012:

Green Tea Phytosome - Growth hormone releaser.  Although my workout has not changed much in a decade, I'm more muscular now.  It's noticeable both for me and especially for Tony.