Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

I am a 64.5 year old female, 5'9" tall, or so and at age 40 I weighed something over 200 lb.

At age 41 I went on a 33 week  diet, losing a bit over a pound a week, and got down to my proper weight of 159.  I've since then crept up a few pounds, lost it, and crept up again - small swings.  I can live with that. 

The "before" picture is me in 1988 at about my peak heavy weight - around 210 lb.  I don't have a really good "before" because fat people avoid cameras, and I was fat!  The "after" photo was taken in 2004 during the annual Home Show.  I was billed as "Grandma takes on all challengers" in ping  pong at the show.  KHTR even did a play-by-play commentary for one game.  I had a great time!

I am not trying to sell you anything.  I don't sell any of the supplements, exercise equipment, or other items mentioned here.  I'm not selling a booklet or a method - it's all here on this web site.

There's no single trick which worked for me.  I had to stack them up to get results.  Check the menu for details on each item, but here is the overview:

Eating Right

The diet plans which say you can lose weight without changing the way you eat must have been talking about somebody else.  I can (usually) maintain my weight without counting calories, but I can't lose.  And if I eat too many carbohydrates, my weight creeps up no matter what I do.  For me, Dr. Atkins was right.  Cream and butter and real salad dressings are everyday fare, but potatoes or wheat are rare treats.  And although I'm never actually hungry while dieting (unless it's time to eat), I don't eat as much as I'd like.


I do 25 minutes of calisthenics, weight lifting and stretches three times a week, and 15 minutes of weight lifting the other three days (I take Sundays off).  

Hormone Balancing

When I was young (twenties) and on the pill, my weight was normal.  Then, at age 35 after the birth of my fourth child, I could not lose the extra weight I had gained.  I suspect my body had quit ovulating every month, and without ovulation and the progesterone it brings with it, I could not lose weight.  Add to that the estrogens from the pill, and it was a steady creep upward.

This was the time in my life when I tried multiple diets and got really, really frustrated.  Then, when I had my tubes tied and went off the pill at about age 41, I was able to lose slowly with a program of strict calorie counting and exercise.  It was pure grit.  I know now that if I had limited carbs as well as calories, and if I had balanced my hormones, it would have been a lot easier and I wouldn't have lost half my hair, nor acquired that greyish skin tone (both of which went away, thankfully).

Tips and Tricks

There are lots of little things which make counting calories easier, and which make exercise easier.


I take a LOT of vitamins, minerals and other food supplements.  None of them are directed solely toward losing weight, but some of them definitely help.  I'll tell you about them, and why I take each one.


There are two goals we reach for in losing weight - looking better and living a longer, healthier life.


This is mostly things I've tried which did not work.  Diet books, fad diets, etc. are mostly an attempt to inject magic into weight loss.  It's not magic!